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Welcome and thank you for visiting the John Christian Designers online store and gallery. We have been designing and manufacturing our unique personalized creations since our firm’s 1998 inception. Our original founder, John Waugh, was a pioneer in the jewelry business for over 50 years. As a designer, manufacturer, and retailer Mr. Waugh headed such companies as ArtCarved, Orange Blossom and Keepsake. Our name is formed combining his first name “John” and his son’s name “Christian” who is an owner and the leader of our marketing and design departments.

Each of our pieces is custom made to your specifications in our design studio. Since our unique creations are personalized for our customers no two are exactly alike. We use exclusive design and manufacturing techniques in the creation of each of our pieces to produce a stunning level of quality and presentation. Our products feature the very essence of what is important to our customers and we are honored to have been included in the celebration of their most sacred and important life events ranging from marriage, a special anniversary, birth or christening of a child to graduation. We have received hundreds of Customer Reviews documenting the deep and lasting impressions our designs create in the lives of our customers.

Because we are a small company, each member of the John Christian family is here because of their unique talents and creativity. We have been able to select the world's finest jewelers and craftsmen to manufacture jewelry for you. That all becomes self-evident when you behold one of our products and admire its beauty of design and appreciate its superb craftsmanship. We thank you for considering the John Christian Company. Meticulous attention will be paid to creating fine jewelry that will match a lifetime of happiness.

A customer once told me that our designs are “guaranteed tears”. Few pieces of jewelry you ever own will be closer to the heart!

Warm Regards,

Wesley P. Weaver