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On the battlefields of the ancient past, knights in heavy armor mounted their steeds for their country, family, and beliefs. Each knight wore a brilliant family crest on his armor to identify his family and the honor he fought for.

John Christian has revived this time-honored tradition by creating an exclusive collection of heirloom-quality pieces featuring your family's coat of arms. Our craftsmen will artfully recreate the shield from your family crest on these beautiful pendants.

We will research your family crest and provide proof before production or create a design with a crest provided by you.

Our Family Crest pendants are solid construction...the ultimate in quality. Our Family Crest Collection pendant has a diamond accent instead of the traditional helmet embellishment.

Incredible detail, supple, luxurious feel, and solid construction are just a few of the attributes of our Family Crest Signet pendants, crafted in Gold and Platinum.

Pride in your family can now be passed on for generations with these John Christian Family Crest Signet Pendants.