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John Christian has created a unique collection to celebrate all of the important people and moments in your life!

With our Milestones™ necklace, start your collection by ordering as many bars as you wish, along with our 14K Gold round omega necklace, which includes a special clasp that unscrews to accommodate any bars you may add in the future. Available with your anniversary date in regular or Roman numerals and a diamond, your names and a diamond, children’s names with birthstones, or any other combination, this necklace will immediately become her treasured favorite.

The Milestones bracelet also incorporates all of the important elements of your life. The clasp consists of two interlocking hearts, one with your name, the other with your beloved’s name. On the sturdy bracelet, available in 7” or 8” lengths, are three charms with Roman numerals representing the month, day and year of your marriage, and three charms with your children’s names and birthdates. For less than three children, our signature wheel charm is added. Additional charms can be purchased for more children.

The John Christian Milestones™ Collection… the greatest elements of your life, combined together in one stunning and unique creation!