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Derived from the word "expression", Expres is the perfect way to commemorate life's most unforgettable moment. Save this moment for all time with these unique custom-made John Christian creations.

Your Expres selection will be custom-made with your individual names and wedding date wrought in precious metal. Choose from our beautiful selection of rings, bracelets or our unique necklaces in single-tone or two-tone renditions. Rest assured, the end result will be masterful and one-of-kind, just as there will never be another love like yours. Optional Diamond Dates allow you to place three bezel-set diamonds to symbolize your love in the past, present and future.

Expres is available in an array of precious metals. It is also available in two-tone combinations of 14K gold and Purluxium. Purluxium is John Christian's proprietary enhanced jeweler's-grade stainless steel alloy that has the luster of platinum and the durability of titanium.

A very special keepsake to express your love and dedication, our Expres jewelry is as unique as the life-mate you've chosen...Your names and special date, custom-made in precious gold or platinum.