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Jewelry given as a pledge of love dates back to the third century B.C. As ancient jewelers continued to learn more about their trade, they began to incorporate messages as a decorative aspect to increase the value and affection toward their designs.

The name Posey is a combination of the words poem and essay. Posey jewelry was popular for hundreds of years in England and on the Continent and is often referred to in Shakespeare’s plays for its sacred and peculiar qualities. Engraved jewelry with a brief poem of love sentiment was traditionally given as an engagement, wedding, friendship, or anniversary gift. Some old, some new, some in Latin or Romance languages, but mostly in English from whence the tradition began.

Posey is available in an array of precious metals. It is also available in PurLuxium™ and 18K Yellow Gold. PurLuxium™ is John Christian’s proprietary enhanced jeweler’s Stainless Steel alloy that has the luster of Platinum and the durability of Titanium!

Our spectacular Cuff Bracelet is designed to fit anyone and is sure to become a treasured keepsake. In the spirit of Posey’s history, we offer 30 different poetic or special phrases.

A beautiful idea. John Christian has chosen this unique jewelry concept to help express your special feelings for someone you love.