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Hidden Treasures™ Heart
Priced $890- $2690
Hidden Treasures™ Anchor
Priced $1090- $3090
Hidden Treasures™ Cross
Priced $990- $2690
Hidden Treasures™ Horseshoe
Priced $990- $2690
Hidden Treasures™ Initials
Priced $890- $3390
Hidden Treasures™ Key
Priced $1090- $23090
Hidden Treasures™ Star of David
Priced $1190- $3690
Fiery diamonds and impeccable craftsmanship conceal the hidden treasures of your names and anniversary date or special date in Roman numerals. Choose from six symbolic, classic designs or any letter of the alphabet.

Precision engineering and attention to detail are the hallmarks of any John Christian design. Each of our Hidden Treasures Collection continues the tradition. These brilliant diamonds are hand-selected and precisely measured to ensure perfect balance and fit. All stones meet the stringent John Christian standard of G color and VS1 clarity.

Each of our designs is custom-made and features your names and wedding date in deep precision lettering. Hand-finished and set in your choice of platinum, 14K white gold, or Purluxium, our proprietary jeweler's grade stainless steel, each piece includes a 16" chain uniquely engineered into each design.

The John Christian Diamond Birthday Initial celebrates her uniqueness and life. Each pendant features her birth date on the side worn near her heart. Choose either classic Roman numerals or traditional numerals. All letters of the alphabet are available, and our skilled designers will ensure that her special date is placed on each letter with particular attention to the individual combination of her date and initial.

And as a new addition to the Hidden Treasures Collection, all designs are now available with the highest quality sapphires or rubies. Worn near her heart, the Hidden Treasures Collection goes beyond fine jewelry.