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Priced $990 - $7500
The Bristol
Priced $990 - $7500
The Camden
Priced $990 - $7000
The Highgate
Priced $1890 - 7500
The Kent
Priced $990 - $7000
The Mayfair
Priced $1890 - $7500
The Somerset
Priced $990 - $7000
The Sutton
Priced $990 - $7000
Classic Monogram Signet jewelry has been worn for hundreds of years as the ultimate symbol of personalized elegance. The stylish display of one's monogram is a custom as old as surnames. Beautiful three-dimensional presentations of your different styles. Click here to design your personal monogram.

These extraordinary John Christian pieces are crafted to perfection, blending the ultimate in style and comfort. Choose from seven different styles of ring, each with its own unique character. Perfect proportions and a delicately-pillowed curvature on top make the men's or ladies' ring a stunning display of the pride you feel about your name and monogram that symbolizes it.

John Christian Monogram Signet rings will not only become your favorite piece of jewelry, but the high-quality execution of your monogram will allow it to become a treasured family heirloom, sure to be passed along for generations.

The Classic Monogram Signet rings feature solid closed-back construction. A lasting symbol of pride and honor.