The Story of John Christian

Since our founding in 1998, we have held dear to our three pillars of success: customer, craftsmen, and craft. Through this lens, we manifest our beliefs in honesty, integrity, and world-class quality with a heartfelt commitment to our community and environment. Over 99% of the materials we use to produce our keepsakes are recycled, then reimaged with the hope of the future embedded with the soul of the past.

We are a collection of artisans bound by our dedication to the craft of creating tangible talismans marking the life celebrations of our customers with unique, personalized, hand-crafted works of art. We track our lineage back some 100+ years. Our founder John Waugh was previously the CEO of John Roberts and ArtCarved Class rings. JT(as we called him) was the "Henry Ford" of class rings. He did not invent them, but he certainly made them affordable to the masses! His combination of cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and his passion for design are visible in each and every original John Christian masterpiece.

Our dedication to the sacred celebrations of our customers, combined with the latest techniques of crafting heirloom quality mementos, is unsurpassed in the world. Your celebration becomes our celebration. We support you with a bespoke level of customer service that befits your life events of love, marriage, children, and legacy.

Our philosophy is dedicated to classic designs that will be passed down for generations to come. Each piece carries your memories, sentiment, and our commitment to world-class quality. We fiercely defend our position as guardians of the spirit of true American craftsmanship and welcome the opportunity to apply our talents to your most important life events.

John Christian's bespoke creations in Roman Numerals, Monograms, Family Crests, and Mother's Jewelry are distinguishable by their unique design and unparalleled quality. When you lay eyes on one of our designs, you just have to say...

"That MUST be a John Christian!"